My Orlando Scottish Rite Brothers,

I begin my remarks by expressing my appreciation to you for the honor of serving as the Master of Kadosh this year. As with any Masonic duty, the honor and responsibility associated with this title are not to be taken for granted or treated lightly. I am humbled by the trust and honor bestowed upon me in this office. It is my pledge and obligation to do my best. However, no one man can perform the leadership task alone. The milestones we reach within the Valley of Orlando this coming year will depend upon the dedication, work and personal efforts of all Brothers.

As I pondered what words I could communicate in this article, I reflected upon many thoughts; some Masonic and others from the experiences of life in this world. Frankly and candidly, most Masonic topics have been addressed and re-addressed. A few days ago, I enjoyed an enlightening telephone call with a Masonic Brother who is a good friend of mine who resides in South Carolina. During our conversation, I was enlightened and kindly reminded that the tenants of Masonry, the esoteric work, and ‘truths’ needs to be constantly reviewed and practiced. It is with this premise that we must indeed focus on our never-ending quest for wisdom and knowledge. The College of the Consistory provides an opportunity for this enlightenment. Enlightenment is abundant. It is ‘free’ to those who seek it. I submit that each of us should seek these ‘gifts.’ These are the building blocks for acquiring more wisdom and knowledge.

Neither I, nor any other Brother can cause you to acquire enlightenment, wisdom, and/or knowledge. Each of you will ultimately make the decision to seek these Masonic attributes, quantify them to yourself, or to pass up the opportunity. As the Master of Kadosh, it is my responsibility to encourage, promote, and help facilitate this purpose. A Brother who is involved, who is practicing, studying, seeking, and acquiring more knowledge and truth, surely will increase in wisdom and contribute further to his personal being and to the well-being of Scottish Rite Masonry.

I have talked with the Personal Representative for our Valley, and we will continue to utilize the Valley Membership Achievement Project. This ensures a quality experience is realized by all, but I would like us to focus our Valley efforts this coming year on four primary objectives: Recruitment of Members, Support of the Scottish Rite Foundation, Advanced education of Masters of the Royal Secret, and Refinement and Professional Development in the presentation of degree work.

As we begin preparations for our Spring Reunion, an aggressive recruitment effort is underway with visitations to Lodges throughout our Valley.

In our philanthropic effort, we intend to foster more concern and awareness for the Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida. We need to ensure our obligation is met by providing funds to ensure no child is unable to receive treatment for a language disorder because of an inability to pay.

Our Valley Education Program is well organized and functioning under the leadership of Ill:. Harry Eisenberg, 33°, Dean of the Valley of Orlando “College of the Consistory.” We encourage all Brothers to become involved in this educational adventure, (on or off campus).

Ill:. Ricky Ricks, Chairman of the Committee on Work, will be addressing the refinement and professional development in the presentation of degrees. This endeavor will require the dedicated attention and collective effort by all cast members, more especially by our Degree Masters.

My Brothers, we have an opportunity to excel together and make a difference within the Valley of Orlando Scottish Rite. I ask all Brothers for your support and dedication as we commit ourselves to make a difference in the Valley of Orlando.

James (Jim) R. Hamilton, 32° KCCH
Master of Kadosh