Brother seeker of enlightenment,

We have just completed a study of the Eleventh Degree and will move on to the Twelfth Degree at our next session which will be held on Wednesday, November 21st with a light dinner at 6:30 PM followed by a discussion of the degree, “Master Architect.” We had a good enthusiastic attendance of brothers at our last session including some from our just finished reunion and a brother who traveled all the way from Palm Beach. So we must be doing something right; so come join us. I hope it being the day before Thanksgiving does not keep you away as we will all be here. This will be the last session of the year as we will take a break in December and resume again in January. Even if you have not attended before each session is a separate degree so there is no need to feel that you have to had prior experience to enjoy the class.

As before the resource material for this and all subsequent degrees is as listed below. It is suggested you bring your copy of “A Bridge to Light” to class and study the 11th degree beforehand at home.

Important Symbols:

  • The Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite Columns.
  • The North Star
  • Architect’s Tools: Compasses, Parallel Rule, Protractor, Plain Scale, Sector, Slide Rule


  • Man can control his own destiny
  • Living is active, not passive
  • Life is what we make of it
  • Life is a social state; we are members of a community

Topics for Discussion:

  • Mathematics and geometry weave in and out of Masonry as one of its major threads. What is the philosophical use of mathematical symbolism?
  • What is the symbolic significance and implications of the Star of David?
  • What are the powers of the human soul and how does the soul differ from the mind?
  • Life is what we make it or how we perceive of the world. Discuss “There is no reality except that which we create for ourselves.”
  • Some say we never know the full importance of things until they are lost to us. What does this tell us of our own worth?
  • Is it really true that there is contained in every man some aspect of good? How would you approach a brother who is down and out discover his worthiness?
  • How should we reconcile the ideas of individualism and freedom with community and morality?
  • What does this degree tell us as a Mason we are to build?
  • How are certain attributes given by God to Man represented by the six working tools of this degree?
  • Pike suggests the North Star represents the point within the circle. Discuss the symbolism of the point within the circle including the two parallel lines.
  • Discuss the use of the pillars as a symbol in this degree and how they relate to the five principle Rites of Masonry, and their Kabbalistic associations.

Looking forward to an interesting and rewarding session,

Ill:. Harry Eisenberg, 33°