My Orlando Scottish Rite Brothers,

The OSR Committee on Work drafted the following letter for the Degree Masters.  But after considering the writings, I felt that it pertains to all Orlando Scottish Rite Masons. Therefore, I’m making it my comments for February’s Valley of Orlando eNews.

Dear Brother Degree Master,


The Valley of Orlando is at a critical point, and YOU are the cement that will hold us together.  When you think about the Scottish Rite and its purpose in the life of Freemasonry you will quickly see that providing further light through the higher degrees is our foundation.  Providing this broader-based fellowship by bringing together Brothers from Daytona, Melbourne, Kissimmee, Mt. Dora, Leesburg, Apopka, Orlando and all points in between is the unique role of our Valley.

Your degree teams are the glue that binds our Brotherly love and affection into a strong bond.  You, as the Degree Master, hold the trowel that spread that cement. Now, more than ever you and your teams are needed.  You and your team’s ability to perform the degrees and share the lessons of the fourth through the thirty-second degrees are critical to the life of Freemasonry in Central Florida.  You and your team’s willingness to learn, practice and confer our degrees is what will keep the Valley of Orlando flourishing.

This move from one home to another is a delicate time and we, as a leadership team, must stay strong and not lose our edge at this critical point in the life of our Valley.  We have been, for over a decade, so proud of being the only valley in Florida and beyond to confer all 29 degrees and we cannot let this move and its adjustments keep us from that lofty accomplishment.  You hold the key to the life of our Valley.  Please renew and redouble your commitment to your Degree Team, your Brothers of the Valley and Freemasonry by making your team the best it has ever been.

YOU ARE THE ESSENCE OF OUR VALLEY.  Yes, the Stage Crew, Sound/Lights, Makeup and Food teams are essential – but without a degree, team to exemplify the truths of Scottish Rite Freemasonry they need not show up.

Let’s get ready and make 2018 the year of Scottish Rite in Central Florida.

Committee on Work

We must all pull together as a TEAM in making the ensuing year as successful as those in the past, and with each of us supporting one and another there is no doubt that we will succeed.

In closing – May the blessing of heaven rest upon us and all regular Masons, May brotherly love prevail, and ever moral and social virtue cement us.  AMEN

Ill:. George R. Van Pelt, Sr., 33°
Master of Kadosh