My Brothers,

As we begin to enter the upcoming holiday seasons, this will be my last e-news article as the Master of Kadosh, and this Friday we will have elections for all bodies along with Installation of officers. It has been a wonderful year serving the Scottish Rite as the Master of Kadosh for the Consistory as it was truly an honor and a lot of fun to represent our Valley, and I thank you all. Through the year we had many successful events, raise funds for the foundation. We continued our VMAP program, gained in our membership, had a great reunion under extreme circumstances. We saw a big change as we sold the building, moving into Winter Park Lodge to better our financial position toward our sustainable future and longevity. I also look back this year on the progress we have made in strengthening our brothers, and creating new friendships, by creating new memories of hard work knowing we have done well in our service to the craft.

I also appreciated being honored this year in Washington DC with the election and coronation to a 33° Honorary Inspector General. And this past weekend at the Orient of Florida Honors Weekend, many other Brothers from our Valley were honored by receiving their 33° Honorary Inspector General and 32° Knight Commander Court of Honors. Congratulations to all the brothers for all their efforts throughout this year and previous to receive this esteemed honor.

The holidays are on us, and most will be sitting down next week for Thanksgiving and next month Christmas. Last weekend Illustrious Dale Goehrig allowed me to speak on behalf of the honored 33rd’s. One thing I stated in my comments; we all should remember that this time of year is about being thankful for the journey we have made so far. Thankful for the people who have helped us along the way, viewing our lives as a work in progress, though experiencing bumps, as well as great strides, lessons learned, challenges accomplished, and memories to last a lifetime. We think at this time about how we can embrace our communities. How we can be of help, look into our businesses and say what can we do to make them better and prosperous. Look at our Scottish Rite Valleys and Lodges and figure out how we can share this great fraternity to new Masons as well the public. It is also important that we look at our children, families, our wives and ask how we can be a better father, brother, and husband. But of all things we should thank those who have come before us paving the way, God for providing us hope and faith, and this Country for giving us the freedoms and liberties to exercise our ideas, our rights. Sharing our goals, coming together as individuals experiencing life to its fullest, and the opportunity of promoting this Great Fraternity.

Good luck to our future officers for next year and I hope your year is enjoyable and prosperous. Thanks to all our brothers, their wives, and families for your support this year on behalf of our Scottish Rite. I hope that you have benefitted from your time and membership as I have looked back on a wonderful Journey. I would like to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. Hope you will join us at our next meeting and see you in the future throughout the valley.

Take care and thanks again for all you do for the Scottish Rite.

Larry Williamson, 33°
Master of Kadosh