In this edition of the eNews, I can report that the offer we received is progressing nicely. The Title Commitment with supporting documents has been completed, the Municipal Lien Search Report, which shows 2016 property taxes paid and no reported issues with code enforcement, permitting, or public works has been completed and the EPA compliance study is underway. These steps are important and it is felt that the deal is solid and that the subsequent steps will occur favorably. Therefore, we are pressing forward and looking to close on September 1st, 2017. Keith and I are assembling plans for a swift and efficient relocation. Our meeting with the Degree Masters and Committee Chairs to plan for the transition was successful and all, but a few attended. We have done well as a Valley by supporting each other, and I know that this same approach will help us manage through this complex transaction and undertaking. As I said in my article earlier in this eNews – “your continued support is earnestly requested, and greatly appreciated!”

There will be many items that we will no longer need as we relocate to a smaller facility. Several of these items will be left for the new owners, but there are still a lot of items, particularly furniture, that will make available to our members. If you are interested in any of the available items, including furniture, please get with Keith and let him know what you desire and what your offer is for the article(s). We will get back with you as we get a bit further down the road, and confirm that the item(s) you bid on are still available and based on a reasonable offer we will finalize the pick-up of the items you desire. I will present to the Executive Committee and Holding Corporation a suggestion that the proceeds we receive from Brothers for assorted items be made to the Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida USA, Inc. rather than to the Valley. Once I receive their concurrence with this suggestion I will let you know via the next edition of the eNews, and an update of this article.

As I shared in the initial article on “Rightsizing the Rite in the Valley of Orlando,” I am confident that we will close with the offer on the table, but am still requesting that if you are questioned about the sale of our building and property, please do not attempt to answer questions on price, size, or acreage, etc. Please provide any additional names and contact information of interested individuals to Keith or me, we will provide this to our agent and allow him to do what he does as the broker in the sale of our commercial real estate. As we move through the process of selling our building and property I will continue to keep you informed via the eNews.