My Brothers,

Hope you enjoyed your Holiday weekend and found some special time with your family and friends. I and many other masons across the state enjoyed our 188th Grand Lodge Communication, where we elected and installed a new Grand Master and his Officers, voted and discussed future legislation, and enjoyed fraternal fellowship setting a course for a new year of Masonic business throughout the state.

Like with Scottish Rite big events there were many notable words expressed in speeches, as well as comments by our leaders as they look at our fraternity and the future. As we honored those Veterans and Military personnel a guest speaker reminded us that the real hero’s in life are those who served our country with honor and distinction some paying the ultimate price, or those running into burning buildings when others are running out, or the police officer who puts themselves in line of fire each day protecting our communities, not the celebrities, sports figures, or actors that enjoy the benefits of their profession doing the thing they aspired to do because of others who have braved danger, or paved the path fighting for our freedoms day after day. I am blessed to have had two Veterans, my parents as role models and my love and respect for our country is because they had shown me how to live my life and cherish what I have been given by others. I was disqualified many years ago when taking the military physical because of my knee and have always felt disappointed for not being able to serve my country in armed forces, but for others I want to say thank you for your service and I am proud to know you have provided a better life for me and many others who may not have had that opportunity. Today I enjoy a good life, marriage, safety, and many freedoms because of sacrifices that others have made. I know our fraternity is full of good men who stood the other day when recognized, but there are others who didn’t stand and are also good men respected in many ways as it takes all of us to come together for the betterment of our country and our fraternity. Brothers as we listen to the news today, of what’s going on in our country, our societal changes, the bitterness and hatred that seems to grow in our world, I ask how can we make a difference, as I truly believe that some 250 years ago freemasons of character and morals, helped to guide a country in a new direction, so why couldn’t Masons throughout every Jurisdiction, all appendant bodies, be able to come together and unite to pass on a message, or inspire a movement for hope and change, that we could truly say we as a fraternity had a real impact on mankind and the future of our world.

Think about what we can do, and be thankful for those around us every day that allow us the opportunities we enjoy. See you at our next meeting and as spring is here enjoy the weather before as summer will be upon on us very soon.


Larry Williamson, 32° KCCH
Master of Kadosh