My Brothers,

Hope all is going well for you this month and what a great reunion we had, as we brought in to our valley 36 new Masters of the Royal Secret this spring. For those brothers who signed their petitions please think about making sure you mentor them, informing each of the opportunities that are available, and bring them to the functions of our valley. For new Brothers, we need to assist them along and make them aware of our activities, just like when they first entered our lodge rooms. Helpful advice or tidbits about our organization, helps all those who are interested in venturing out to other valleys and lodges in each Brother’s travel in search of further light. As in my beginning I always had that helpful father or DeMolay Advisor to teach and impart knowledge to me, but for some their first instruction may be that brother who signed their petition so be the mentor and aid all our brothers so that they may fully enjoy the Scottish Rite. “Leaders are not made by sitting by and watching others” and “if you take the initiative things will happen.”

See you at our next meeting and as spring is here enjoy the weather before as summer will be upon on us very soon.

Larry Williamson, 32° KCCH
Master of Kadosh