We are in the process of a mail out campaign that will be sent to all the Lodges within our valley. The purpose of this will be to stir renewed interest in the Scottish Rite, as well as reach out to potential new members. Are you one of those brothers we are trying to reach out to? Do you have time to work with Scottish Rite or another organization; does your wife have time to get involved with one of the ladies groups, and would your children be interested in Rainbow, Job’s Daughters or DeMolay? I want to introduce one of our challenges, as there are many organizations within our fraternity who seem to rely on the same group of members. Recently the head of an organization was reaching out to members in order to line up their officers for the following term, but none seem to be able to find the time to make the commitment. Are we afraid to make a commitment to an organization we joined, or are we over committed? Well my brothers it seems it is both as many of us have become card carrying members, and many are struggling to find a balance in the appendant groups we are active in, while  each group is trying to survive with a few doing the work requiring many. Can you find time for the fraternity that you are paying dues in, can you give one night, or a weekend every now and then for the betterment of our organization? Would your wife get involved in an organization that promotes charitable deeds, friendship, as well as rightful Living? Would you put your children in an organization that teaches leadership, character building and good virtues for life? Do you know someone who would be good for our fraternity? We welcome all those members’ participation in any way possible. We encourage all Brothers and their families to enjoy the benefits of our various groups by finding a way to become more active and renew their obligation to the organization that brought you Faith, Hope, and Charity as well as the Friendship and Brotherhood shared by many. My Brothers remember this month brings us Valentine’s Day, do something unique for that special lady in your life, remember to enjoy the best of our fraternity by getting the most out of it. Have this one goal in mind: being happy and communicating Happiness, and share this great door you have open with others by allowing the world to know the good of Masonry. Hope to see you soon.


Larry Williamson, 32°, KCCH
Master of Kadosh