The Valley Membership Achievement Project (VMAP) has identified a new tradition that we will be starting within the Valley of Orlando. The Feast of Kadosh is an obligatory day for all Scottish Rite Masons, much like the Feast of TishriThis will be a time to commemorate and recommit ourselves to purposes and precepts established in the religious and chivalric degrees of the Council of Kadosh. The term Kadosh mean “holy” or set a part, so as Knights Kadosh we should always strive to set ourselves apart from the rest of the world and be holy in our actions recognizing God as our creator. One such hero who served God and man was Jacques DeMolay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar who gave his life in martyrdom.

As stated in the 30° “The lesson of this degree is to be true to ourselves, to stand for what is right and just in our lives today. To believe in God, country and ourselves.” According to our ritual, these lessons teach LIBERTY, FRATERNITY, and EQUALITY applied to our everyday life. The world will judge us by our acts and Masonry will be judged by the character of its members. Be modest and humble, speaking only of the good in mankind and forgetting the evil. Respect labor itself and have sympathy for the laboring classes. Practice Charity and scorn the base and selfish. Truth and Honor are more to be cultivated than the gathering of wealth and power. Combat arbitrary and unscrupulous power and all influence which would keep people in ignorance. Join us at the February meeting as we recognize and celebrate the Feast of Kadosh.

In Knighthood,

Ill:. Ricky Ricks, 33°
Commander of Kadosh