My Brothers All:

February 8th, 2023 marks the kick-off of a campaign establishing an endowed scholarship fund to honor the careers of a legendary Brother, Ill. William “Gene” Sizemore, G.C., who formerly served as Grand Executive Director at the House of Temple for nearly a quarter century.

As your Personal Representative I would like to invite all members of the Valley to participate in donating to this fund as your means allow by making a tax deductible donation (see the guidelines in last paragraph of this letter).

The Sovereign Grand Inspector General, Ill. Alan W. Adkins, G.C., representing the Orient of Virginia has formed an alliance with his counterparts, Ill. Leonard Proden of the Orient of the District of Columbia and Ill. Richard Hoover of the Orient of Florida, to set up the steering committee encouraging brethren to support this worthy project.

It would take several pages to provide a brief biographical sketch of Ill. Bro. Sizemore’s careers. He retired as a Rear Admiral after a distinguished 38-year career in the U.S. Navy; he also served in several posts in the defense community. In our gentle Craft, our Brother is a 75 year Mason and a 67 year Scottish Rite Mason. He has solid and deep connections with our beloved Commonwealth: he is a Past Master of the now consolidated Cherrydale-Columbia Lodge No. 42 in Arlington, and is a Past High Priest of Arlington Royal Arch Chapter No. 35. He holds membership in many appendant bodies – York Rite College, Shrine, Red Cross of Constantine, and Royal Order of Scotland. Brother Gene is also a Past President of National Sojourners.

This campaign will be brief and conclude on the first of April. The steering committee has set two major goals; to raise $50,000; and maintain secrecy so that we can surprise Ill. Bro. Sizemore with this gift.

Please draw your check to The Scottish Rite Foundation and note on the memo line Gene Sizemore Endowment. Please mail your check to: Caitlyn Kent, Development Office, 1733 16th St., N.W., Washington, DC 20009-3103.

Sincerely & fraternally,

Ill. Chester A. King, 33°

Personal Representative, Valley of Orlando