Hosted by the Valley of Orlando – Saturday October 29, 2022

This workshop is intended to provide an educational opportunity for the members of the Florida Valleys to “Prepare for the Future” by learning more about our Scottish Rite Fraternity’s historic past, present day achievements, and future goals for our Valleys, Orient and Supreme Council. Information will be presented about our different Philanthropic Foundations, and how we continue to reach out and support so many children, families and programs at all levels.  Ultimately, this workshop will show members different avenues for them to prepare as we face the future by embracing the “Three P’s of Preparing, Planning, and Passing It On.” It will help the brethren gain awareness of what is available to help them realize their own personal financial goals, as well as assisting in fulfilling the “Mission” of Scottish Rite.     

Illustrious Brother Richard G. Hoover, 33°, SGIG in the Orient of Florida, will be leading this workshop supported by other Orient and Foundation leaders, as well as the Supreme Council Development Office’s Donor Officer for the Gulf Coast, Illustrious Brother James “Chuck” Morgan III, 33°, GC.  Finally, this workshop will explore the different ways members may take advantage of the tax and income benefits from any charitable giving in support of our Foundations.

Based on prior workshop attendees’ comments, these workshops have been well received, quite informative, and offer an environment of fellowship with members from different Valleys. Registration will be at 9:30 a.m. Coffee and pastries, as well as a light lunch will be served. The workshop will conclude by 3:00 p.m. The dress is casual.  Members are encouraged to include their spouses and other Masonic friends.