With the beginning of a new year, the Valley will be re-starting the Scottish Rite Master Craftsman (SRMC) Symbolic Lodge – Valley of Orlando Study Group for all interested Brothers. This is the first of three programs of study in the Scottish Rite intended to aid in an understanding of the historical background and symbolic meaning of both Craft Masonry and of the Scottish Rite. This course, Master Craftsman – Symbolic Lodge, will refresh your understanding of the developmental history and symbolism foundational to Blue Lodge Masonry. By analysis of the official history as well as some very interesting and yes funny Masonic exposes we will trace the origins of the Blue Degrees and the “High Degrees” that began to spread soon after formation of the Premier Grand Lodge in 1717. Also, Albert Pike’s book, Esoterika: The Symbolism of the Blue Degrees of Freemasonry, and an excerpt from Arturo de Hoyos’s Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor & Guide (3d ed.) will be used to demonstrate a rational and philosophical interpretation for much of what is found in Craft Masonry.

Our first introductory Zoom meeting will be January 5th, Wednesday, at 7:30PM and will last at most an hour to get ourselves acquainted with the program, how to order and test (online as well as via correspondence), and how we will go over each section each 1st Wednesday of the month. The program consists of 7 reading assignments and online tests so I would assume completion for most Brothers in 7 months time. Please email to sign up. More information on this program and those that come next are available here  Also, if you have any questions beyond this please do not hesitate to email me at See you there Brothers! Also don’t forget to let Ill. Keith Albright, 33⁰ at so he can add you to the email list for the zoom link.

Best and Fraternally

Bro. Kenneth Meier, 32°

Orient of Florida, Valley of Orlando

Mobile: 703.628.4296