My Brothers All: I am pleased to congratulate and welcome to the Valley of Orlando, twenty-five new 32° Masters of the Royal Secret. Our successful reunion provided an excellent opportunity talk with and get to know these new 32° SR Masons. New brothers are encouraged to take a closer look at units or activities of interest in which to participate. This expands not only membership in the Valley, but more importantly, the number of active participants. Consider supporting degrees, the kitchen crew, the stage crew or smaller opportunities that fit your schedule and interest.  

Just a quick reminder, if you were previously honored as a 32° KCCH, or an Illustrious 33° Inspector General Honorary, and would like to attend this year’s ceremonies, please find the registration form(s) contained in this edition of the eNews. Please complete it in full and send it to the Valley of Tampa with payment.

The Ceremony of Coronation will take place at the Tampa Scottish Rite Masonic Center on Saturday the 13th of November at 9:30 a.m. The Ceremony of Investiture will take place at the same location, on the same day, at 1:30 p.m. followed by the Banquet held in the Grand Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt at 7:00 p.m. The detailed information is available elsewhere in this edition of the eNews.

Our October 22nd meeting will start with dinner at 6:30pm, followed by an open meeting for the presentation of service awards. Please remember all members are welcome to attend the dinner and the evenings meeting, but please keep in mind the COVID protocols and directives number 5 and 6 issued by the Grand Master and followed by our Sovereign Grand Inspector General. FYI – current COVID protocols will be followed to ensure the safety of us all. If you are comfortable following these protocols, please come out and enjoy the fraternal fellowship of the evening.

The Master Craftsman study group is well underway, but there is always room for additional participants. If you are interested in participating in this monthly study group, please contact Ill Keith at the Valley office via 407-657-4550 or via eMail at He will ensure you are added to the mailing list and receive all invitations. Participating in a study group enhances the Master Craftsman experience for everyone, and starts the building of a fraternal friendship between those brothers who participate.  

In each article I encourage you to read the bi-monthly Scottish Rite Journal, and hopefully you are reading and enjoying the excellent articles and information contained therein. In the July/August edition, there was a very good article on “Cinematic Reunions” being developed by the Scottish Rite of Missouri.

Until next time, remember the many things for which you are thankful!  Be safe in your travels; “whisper wise counsel in the ear of an erring brother;” and respect the dignity of all, as it makes you and our fraternity stronger one action at a time.  We want to ensure that what we are enjoying today will be available for those who will follow. Simply stated – “We lead the way today, so those who follow us can lead the way tomorrow!”  Thanks for your continued support and participation, and may the “Spirit of Fraternity” reign supreme within our “Valley of Orlando!”


Ill Chester A. “Chet” King, 33°
Personal Representative

“People forget what you say, and forget what you do, but forever remember how you make them feel!”