Brother seeker of enlightenment,

We have completed our study of the 32° and thus have come to an end of our investigation into the lessons of the Scottish Rite. Those brothers who have completed the 3 year course of study will be honored at a graduation ceremony at our January stated meeting. They deserve a well-earned congratulations from the brethren who I hope will be attending this ceremony. However, this should not be the end of our search for enlightenment. We as Scottish Rite Masons should ever be actively involved in our search for enlightenment, spiritual growth and our goal of perfection. Our investigations into the glorious Scottish rite degrees has been based on my experience matriculating and graduating from the College of the Consistory of Guthrie Oklahoma .

When a brother completes his weekend at one of our Reunions, there is much more than can be learned or remembered at once. We need time to reflect and think, time to see relationships in information, time to let the intellectual dust settle a little. Here is where the College of the Consistory comes in. The College of the Consistory is a free self-study program for Scottish Rite Masons of all Orients. The curriculum is facilitated by the Guthrie College and made available to all enrolled members. The College distributes to its members a syllabus of each degree of the Rite, which will provide ideas for essays and research papers. Each member can choose a topic from the syllabus, or is free to select a subject not included in the syllabus, provided that it represents a theme or topic concerning that degree.

For those of my brethren that are academically oriented, I would highly recommend you invest in this exciting opportunity. Completion of the curriculum will take you 5-6 years of study. In it you will literally receive a liberal arts education in religious thought, the history of religion, philosophy, ethics, politics and political thought, history ancient and more modern, chivalry and much more. But more important it well take you on a journey of self-discovery. It will expand the limits of your mind and hopefully your spirituality as well. You will learn what it truly means to be a Mason and what our legacy as a Mason is to humanity and our society. And hopefully you will achieve a closer unity with the Divine and find peace within yourself and your place in the universe.

You can find an application for enrollment on the Guthrie Scottish Rite web site by clicking on the College of the Consistory link and filling out the application on-line. I wish you all well on your journey.

Looking forward to an interesting and rewarding session,

Ill. Harry Eisenberg, 33°