Brother seeker of enlightenment,

We have completed a study of the Seventeenth Degree. We had a moderate but devoted turnout who braved the monsoon, and will move on to the Eighteenth Degree in the Chapter Rose Croix at our next session, which will be held on Wednesday, August 21st at 7:00 p.m. We are now getting into the Philosophical degrees, so this should provide lively discussion and a lot of fun. This will complete the degrees of the Chapter Rose Croix so it is an important one you will not want to miss. There will be dinner before this session at 6:30 with the class to follow. Even if you have not attended before each session is a separate degree, so there is no need to feel that you have to have prior experience to enjoy the class.

As before the resource material for this and all subsequent degrees is as listed below. It is suggested you bring your copy of “A Bridge to Light” to class and study the degree beforehand at home.

Important Symbols

  • The Rose
  • The Cross
  • The Pelican
  • The Eagle
  • Three Pillars—Faith, Hope and Charity (Constellations)
  • Black and White
  • Demolished Temple with broken working tools
  • The Cubical Stone
  • The Cross with rose superimposed


  • Do evil and calamity exist to provide an opportunity for the practice of virtue?
  • Have faith in God, mankind and ourselves.
  • Have hope for the ultimate victory of good over evil.
  • Let our attitude and actions reflect faith, hope and charity.

Topics for Discussion

  • Discuss the symbolism of the cubical stone and its transformation into a cross.
  • What are some of the ancient symbolic meanings of the rose?
  • What is the meaning of the combination symbol of the rose and cross in context with the acronym INRI?
  • Transformation is the central theme of this degree. What does it mean, what is its essential nature, and how does it apply to the basic purpose of Masonry?
  • Explore the idea that the 17th degree dealt with the gathering of spiritual force and the 18th degree deals with expressing that force through the Law of Love.
  • Discuss the symbolism of the pelican and the eagle and the symbolism of combining them on the two sides of the same jewel.
  • Discuss the duality between faith and reason and how they are opposites in equilibrium but not antagonistic and hostile to each other.
  • Compare the 14th degree, the terminal degree of The Lodge of Perfection with the 18th degree, the terminal degree of The Chapter Rose Croix.
  • Discuss some of the symbolism of the cross, not connected to Christianity. (those predating Christ)
  • Discuss some of the metaphysical and mystical meanings of the Rose Croix tradition.

Looking forward to an interesting and rewarding session,

Ill. Harry Eisenberg, 33°