My Brothers all:  

I recently read an article that talked about the virtues we as Freemasons, and more importantly Scottish Rite Masons, should make every effort to live by in our daily lives.  A virtue is a habitual and firm disposition to “do good.”  Consider the four cardinal virtues, also known as the four principal moral virtues – temperance, fortitude, prudence and justice.

Temperance, meaning mild or moderate; not extreme or excessive, represents restraint.  A fairly clear and easy to understand virtue, but do we, on a daily basis, remember how important it is to be temperate in our daily interaction with those around us – at work, or in Lodge.

How about fortitude, that strength of mind that allows a person to meet danger or bear pain or adversity with courage.  For a Mason, fortitude symbolizes more than physical courage, it also symbolizes moral courage.  As a Mason we must have the strength and ability to make a decision based upon our own moral convictions and stick to it regardless of the consequences.  We must exhibit the highest moral and ethical principles, and stand by them when others might look unfavorably upon these principles.

The third principle virtue of prudence, is associated with being cautious or discreet.  But for a Mason, it is the management of his conduct both while in the Lodge, but also when abroad in the world.  It can also imply the ability to judge in advance, the probable consequences of one’s actions.

Finally, justice, is not only consistent with Divine and human laws, but is the very cement and support of civil society.  As justice in great measure constitutes the really good man, so should it be the invariable practice of every Mason, never to deviate from the minutest principles thereof.  Justice symbolizes equality for us as Masons.  We should govern our own actions and our conduct towards others without deception.  We should undertake actions because it is what we desire and not because we are forced to.

As Brothers, one to the other, these four principle moral virtues should be our constant rule and guide.  I encourage us all to take a moment to reflect on each one, and ensure we practice them in our daily lives. (Resource was Short Talk Bulletin Vol. 94 No. 11 – titled Virtues to Live By)

In that this is a Biennial Year we will be coronating and investing brothers from around the Orient with honors.  This will again take place in at the Valley of Tampa with details to follow after our summer Council of 400 meeting.  However, for now I encourage all who desire to attend to put the weekend of November 9th and 10th on your calendar.  The Ceremony of Coronation for new 33° Inspectors Generals will take place the morning of November 9th and the Ceremony of Investiture of new Knights Commanders of the Court of Honour will take place the afternoon of the 9th.  The evening of the 9th will be the Celebratory Banquet.  I mentioned in my previous article, that I would have some good news concerning Honors weekend; the KCCH Investiture Ceremony will be open to family and friends!  That means many who in the past were not able to gain admission will be able to witness the KCCH Investiture.  No doubt there will be several brothers who as Masters of the Royal Secret might want to attend.  As soon as details are final, I will ensure they are published in our eNews so you can lock in your plans for that weekend.

As you are aware, the A.A.S.R. is an organization that confers or communicates twenty-nine additional degrees and is structured to provide additional Masonic Education to assist a Master Mason grow and expand his knowledge and understanding of our great fraternity.  I am confident that there are many of you out there who have a particular subject, topic, thought or experience that could be shared that would be of interest to brothers that receive our eNews.  If you would like to prepare an article (and I strongly encourage you to do so) that would be published in a future edition, please get with me via eMail or text and give me a quick overview of what your topic will be and when you can have it ready.  We will then schedule your article in a future edition.

Until next time, remember the many things for which you are thankful!  Be safe in your travels; “whisper wise counsel in the ear of an erring brother;” and respect the dignity of all, as it makes you and our fraternity stronger one action at a time.  We want to ensure that what we are enjoying today will be strong for those who will follow.  Simply stated – “We lead the way today, so those who follow us can lead the way tomorrow!”  Thanks for your continued support and participation; and may the “Spirit of Fraternity” reign supreme within our “Valley of Orlando!”


Ill Chester A. “Chet” King, 33°
Personal Representative

“People forget what you say, and forget what you do, but forever remember how you make them feel!”