Hello, My Brothers!

Let me start with a quick update on the modular buildings — we are waiting for a final fire inspection, and after safety railings on the sidewalk and sod are put in place, we will request a final building inspection and should receive our Certificate of Occupancy and start the move-in process. Both Keith and I have adjusted our anticipated date and now believe we will be in by mid to late August. At that point, Ill:. Brother Keith will be asking for assistance in unloading our PODS and transferring all our costumes, props and records into our new modular building. When Keith makes the request if you are available your assistance is much appreciated. You know the saying — “many hands make little work!” As soon as the building is ready, we will also have a short ribbon cutting ceremony!

The program that was presented at our July meeting was delivered by Rhonda Hemphill, along with Kirsten Germana and Kim Lombato all from our local clinic here in Orlando. An overview of the care they provide, along with examples of successes clearly illustrated how, through a step by step process, language learning disorders can be corrected, allowing those who were previously challenged, to enjoy success as they move through life, and participate to the fullest. Thanks to all the clinic staff for the assistance you provide, and please know you are making a difference!

The Executive Committee will start planning for what’s next for the Valley of Orlando and establishing a vision statement, so we can all focus on those activities that will take us forward in growth of membership, enrichment of our VMAP efforts and ensuring the needs and desires of all our members are considered in making our plans in moving us forward into tomorrow. A particular note for the members of the Executive Committee – you are reminded that your attendance is required at all executive committee meetings, but most importantly, at the up and coming Exec Com meeting on the 22nd of August. We need your input and feedback as we look forward!

Speaking of the future and moving forward, membership is important, and now is the time we should be introducing the A.A.S.R. and the benefits that are available to assist a Master Mason to continue with further growth and a deeper understanding of our Masonic fraternity. While membership efforts should be a year-round effort the 3 months before each reunion are particularly essential and reminds those, who were considering the A.A.S.R. that now is the time to act.

Until next time, remember the many things for which you are thankful! Be safe in your travels; “whisper wise counsel in the ear of an erring brother;” and respect the dignity of all, as it makes you and our fraternity stronger one action at a time. Thanks for your continued support and participation; and may the “Spirit of Fraternity” reign supreme within our “Valley of Orlando!”

Ill:. Chester A. “Chet” King, 33°
Personal Representative

“People forget what you say, and forget what you do, but forever remember how you made them feel!”