Hello, My Brothers All:

It was a pleasure to present so many Double Eagle awards, to so many brothers, at our February meeting. These awards were designed to acknowledge your participation and proudly show that you are participating and making the Valley and Scottish Rite Freemasonry stronger. For the first time, we presented new bars that are to be worn at the bottom of your double eagle awards and identify the cumulative total lifetime amount you have donated to the Foundation. The bars are gold and have a particular stone representing the level of giving as follow: Ruby – $1,000; Diamond – $2,500; Onyx – $5,000; Tanzanite – $7,500; and Emerald – $10,000. Also available are three lapel pins that can be proudly worn by non-Scottish Rite Masons who donate (s) at the levels above, or by Scottish Rite Masons when you are not wearing your Double Eagle award. Your donations are welcomed at any meeting or event and can also be mailed to Keith Albright our General Secretary if desired. Remember that 97% of every dollar you contribute goes directly to programs that support the children we assist, and please know that each donation is greatly appreciated!

As I indicated in the last eNews we will be holding out Spring Reunion at Winter Park Masonic Lodge No. 239, our new meeting location. We are making arrangements to welcome a class as large as twenty-five, have already received ten petitions, and will continue to accept them. Please don’t wait, get your petitions in as soon as possible.

Degree Masters contact your degree teams and ensure you are ready and hold a few rehearsals to make sure your cast confers the degree at the level of quality we have strived to achieve. All the various support groups such as the stage crew, sound and lights, costumes, class instructors, and the many others that make our reunions successful time after time should be planning how they will prepare and carry out their tasks on the 14th and 15th of April. Food preparation is an integral part of the reunion experience, and I know that Ill Bro Paul and his team will be ready. Making sure we create a quality experience for those Master Masons who have petitioned the Scottish Rite, and in particular, our Valley is essential and deserve nothing less than the best we can provide.

A joint Degree Master and Executive Committee meeting will be held on Thursday the 29th of March starting at 6:30 p.m. with dinner. ALL Degree Masters of degrees scheduled for our Spring Reunion and Executive Committee members are requested to attend.

In that we are utilizing a Lodge Room to confer our degrees, and many of our degree teams seem to come from specific geographic areas, it is not necessary to hold rehearsals at Winter Park Lodge, but can be held at a lodge closest to the degree team. However, if you need to have your rehearsal at Winter Park Lodge, please contact me, and I will check the Lodge usage calendar and confirm if the date and time you desire is available.

Remember our March meeting on the 23rd starts with dinner at 6:30 p.m. and is followed by our annual Ceremony of Remembrance and Renewal. Masons and non-Masons are welcomed to join us for dinner and the Ceremony, so bring a friend or your neighbors and let them see how we honor and remember those who have passed to the Celestial Lodge above during the 2017 year.

Until next time, remember the many things for which you are thankful! Be safe in your travels; “whisper wise counsel in the ear of an erring brother;” and respect the dignity of all, as it makes you and our fraternity stronger one action at a time. Thanks for your continued support and participation; and may the “Spirit of Fraternity” reign supreme within our “Valley of Orlando!”

Ill:. Chester A. “Chet” King, 33°
Personal Representative

“People forget what you say, and forget what you do, but forever remember how you made them feel!”