Brother seeker of enlightenment,

We have completed our first class of the College of the Consistory, Valley of Orlando Chapter, and if you speak to any of the graduates of the class I’m sure they will enthusiastically tell you how much they enjoyed it. Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor as we will be starting a brand new class in February. The seminar will be on the fourth Wednesday, Feb. 28th at 7:00 p.m. at Winter Park Lodge, #239, next door to the former Scottish Rite Building. (The date was changed a week later for this month only.) A light dinner will be provided at 6:30 p.m. We will be starting the series of degrees known as the Lodge of Perfection or Ineffable degrees. As before the resource material for this and all subsequent degrees is as listed below. It is suggested you bring your copy of “A Bridge to Light” to class and study the 4th degree beforehand at home.

Important Symbols:

  • Key of Ivory
  • Garland of laurel and olive leaves
  • Adoniram
  • The color black with silver tears
  • Three pillars
  • Nine Masonic virtues
  • Blazing star


  • Duties are not to be performed expecting rewards, but expecting personal satisfaction.
  • One must learn to obey before on can command.
  • Learning far outlasts physical monuments.
  • A useful lesson in self-development is the obligation of silence.
  • Masonry is duty.

Topics for Discussion:

  • The concept of progress was a Victorian idea and represents a philosophy or view of man. How does the material in this degree reflect and expand on this idea?
  • Explain this line from Morals and Dogma, “To attain the truth, and to serve our fellows, our country, and mankind — this is the noblest destiny of man. Hereafter and in all your life it is to be your object.”
  • What are the practical values of Masonry to a man and to society today?
  • In today’s society secrecy has a negative connotation but in Pike’s time, it was considered a virtue. Give examples of the nature of secrecy as a virtue and as a social force. Hint: How has the concept of secrecy been used by fraternal societies throughout history? What did Secrecy mean to the Ancient Mysteries?
  • What is knowledge and how is it applied to Masonic teachings?
  • Discuss the meaning of numbers in Masonic symbolism. What is the significance of the number eight in this degree? Why are the candles arranged in pairs? What does the blazing star represent and the various geometric forms?
  • What is the symbolic meaning of the ivory key? Why is it white? What is the concept of the key to the teachings of Masonry?
  • “Masonry is Duty.” Explain the philosophical nature of duty and why is it called the one great law of Masonry?
  • Explain what is meant by Masonic Secrecy and why is it so important. What is the difference between secrecy and silence?
  • Why is it important to be obedient to the laws of one’s country? Is there an ethical rationalization for rebelling or being disobedient against established laws or authority? What is the law referred to in this degree?
  • What is meant by the phrase, “faith plighted is ever to be kept”?

Looking forward to an interesting and rewarding session,

Ill:. Harry Eisenberg, 33°