My Brothers,
Recently I attended the Scottish Rite Supreme Councils Biennial Session and had the chance to visit several historical Masonic buildings in Washington DC, and I encourage you to take a tour of the Scottish Rite House of the Temple, as well as the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria. With the many significant historic sites that most people know about in DC, these were very impressive for the Masonic member. While visiting there, I talked to several people at the George Washington Masonic Memorial who were not members of the fraternity and were overly impressed with the various organizations and history of our fraternity that were prominently displayed, and presented on different floors and rooms. One level showed the history of George Washington and his Masonic career, and there was one floor dedicated to the youth organizations, Ladies groups and other appendant bodies that comprise the makeup of our overall fraternity. There were several Lodges still in use within the building and an auditorium area for concerts, plays, guest speakers or other programs. The Scottish Rite House of the Temple is our Supreme Council headquarters with many architectural achievements. Interesting aspects, such as a unique library comprised of Albert Pike’s collection of Books and historical memorabilia, various paintings, and statues with history and information about leaders of our organization, museums and artifacts from our beginnings as well as the Main Temple Room where our leaders meet and make decisions for our fraternity. One special note is the Bust and Statue of Albert Pike our Founder lays his ashes as they were placed there many years ago as a tribute to his legacy. If even was given a particular address based on some Masonic significance.

This trip allowed me to look into our past as well as envision our future. These prominent sites can be our way to the public and provide awareness of our fraternity. The unity shared in the opening ceremonies of the Biennial session this year showed me that change could be good as many jurisdictions came together for a common cause this past week. I at times have been reluctant to embrace change, but I have always considered myself responsible and accepting of those things that were logical and made sense. With our upcoming closing and sale of our building, we are about to close a door to our past and open the door to the future. As we take this big step forward, we all need to understand that “The secret to change is to focus on not fighting the old, and building on the new.” Our Scottish Rite and our Legacy is in front of us, and if we can all pull together and embrace this change, it can give us the opportunity to market ourselves more publicly as well as allowing us to be solvent for many years to come.

I hope you will come out and celebrate with us as we start a new Chapter next door as we will continue to meet on the 4th Fridays with Supper at 6:30 p.m. and a meeting or special program to follow. See you in my travels as we build memories for the future.


Larry Williamson 33°
Master of Kadosh