My Brothers,

How is your summer going, as I hope you’re finding time for yourself and family? At our last meeting, we had our official Visit from Dale I. Goehrig our Sovereign Grand Inspector General as well guest speakers on behalf of our Foundation. One of our speakers was a speech therapist representing our language clinics, as well an individual whose son is benefitting from the clinics. Both explained our support of the Scottish Rite Foundation and how it is instrumental in helping those families who have children that require help in their language skills. I have a long-time friend and brother whose son benefits from our language clinics and make me proud of what we do as the therapist was his son’s teacher. Through the years, I have requested to the owner of the company I work for to assist in supporting some of our Masonic charitable endeavors, and this night we recognized him and his wife for their generous donations to the foundation. To understand why I bring this up over the years they have known my dedication and involvement to the fraternity and were always willing to donate, yet neither were ever involved or belong to any of our organizations. Our meeting with the SGIG was their first real look at the Foundation and was overly impressed with our dedication as well as the stories told about how much of an impact we have on these clinics and support we provide. While many of us made our donations to Illustrious Goehrig, my boss and his wife were inspired to give another generous donation and left still talking about what we are doing. Today he was still thanking me for inviting them and telling others about our foundation and how impressed he was. It is not often that you can get acknowledge by your boss for the deeds you do outside the company, and he has a better understanding of who I am and our fraternity. I feel uplifted, and encourage more brothers to be open with their employers about our fraternity and see if they are willing to offer their support in any way. The impact we can have on the public can garner more support than we think if you only try to open the door. The more we exposed our good deeds to the public at large, the more effect it can have on our communities and fraternity. I believe I have opened a door that may provide us more support for future undertakings, can you do the same? Look forward to seeing you at our next meeting, in my travels, or at the next event that we can highlight the Scottish Rite and our fraternity.

Larry Williamson, 33°-elect
Master of Kadosh