My Brothers,

Our reunion is behind us and at our first meeting after the reunion we had many of our new Master’s of the Royal Secret there, starting their Scottish Rite Journey as we also honored several Brothers who achieved their 25 and 50 years of service. It is always said that what you put into the fraternity you will get back three fold, and as we all continue our work for the betterment of Scottish Rite through the years many of our brothers will work tirelessly for this fraternity and achieve so much that they can look back on the their journey with happiness and pride.

As we enter May we come up on that special holiday, Mothers Day right around the corner and I would like to offer the following poem from my past as you recognize your mother this season.

“My body fed your body, son,
But birth’s a swift thing,
Compared to one and twenty years
Of feeding you with spirit’s tears.
I could not make your mind and soul,
But my glad hands have kept you whole.
Your groping hands
Bound me to life with ruthless bands.
And all my living became a prayer,
While all my days built up a stair
For your young feet that trod behind,
That you an aspiring way should find.
Think you that life can give you pain
Which does not stab in me again?
Think you that life can give you shame
Which does not make my pride go lame?
And you can do no evil thing
Which sears not me with poisoned sting.
Because of all that I have done,
Remember me in life, O son.
Keep that proud body fine and fair,
My life is monumented there.
For my life make no woman weep,
For my life hold no woman cheap,
And see you give no woman scorn
For that dark night when you were born.”

Make sure to remember your mother and your wives on this special day as sometimes we forget not what they do to support us in our Masonic endeavors. See you in the coming weeks as we enjoy the fun and fellowship making those memories to last a lifetime.


Larry Williamson, 32° KCCH
Master of Kadosh