Brother seeker of enlightenment,

We have just completed study of the Twenty-fourth degree and will move on to the Twenty-fifth Degree in the Council of Kadosh at our next session which will be held on Wednesday March 15th at 7:00 p.m. There will be dinner before this session at 6:30 with the class to follow. Even if you have not attended before each session is a separate degree so there is no need to feel that you have to had prior experience to enjoy the class. As before the resource material for this and all subsequent degrees is as listed below. It is suggested you bring your copy of “A Bridge to Light” to class and study the 25th degree beforehand at home. At the completion of the 32nd degree we will have a graduation ceremony for those brothers who have attended 50% or 15 sessions. With eight sessions remaining this gives you a good chance to catch up and qualify for this honor.

Important Symbols:

  • Brazen serpent
  • Winged globe
  • Ankh with a serpent twined about it
  • Bull with a disc surmounted by a crescent between his horns
  • The Pleiades
  • Ouroboros (serpent or dragon forming a circle and holding his tail in his mouth)


  • Fulfil your destiny and re-create yourself by reformation, repentance and enlarging your knowledge
  • Man is a reflection of the Divine
  • Man is composed of the flesh, the soul and the intellect
  • Do not confuse the symbol with the reality

Topics for Discussion:

  • We are warned against turning symbols into reality. Give and example and consequence of focusing on a symbol rather than the thing symbolized.
  • Explain the difference between perception and reality and its implication for human progress.
  • The effect of initiation is meant to be the same as that of philosophy. Explain what that effect is.
  • Discuss the symbolism of the Blazing Serpent, its ancient meanings and the lesson taught regarding the apparent bifurcation of the serpent.
  • Give an example of at least one association between the legend of Hiram Abif and some other ancient and universal legend.
  • Pike states all religion is symbolic since the real objects of religion are unseen. What does this say about the literal interpretation of the Bible. Can we reconcile literal vs. symbolic interpretations of matters of religion?
  • The jewel of the degree is a Tau Cross surmounted by a circle with a green serpent intertwined. What does this symbolize with regard to Faith and Reason?
  • Is it possible to find your way to heaven alone? Do you need a foundation of faith, philosophy or reason to support you?

Looking forward to an interesting and rewarding session,

Harry Eisenberg, 32° KCCH