My Brothers,

As we enter mid January of the new year we are in the Installation season of all Lodges. For those who will become the leaders of their lodges I recall the words in the charge to officers that I would like to share.

For the Worshipful Master a few phrases: “The honor reputation and usefulness of your lodge will materially depend on the skill and assiduity with which you manage its concerns while the happiness of its members will be generally promoted in portion to the zeal and ability with which you propagate the genuine principles of our institution. In short by diligent observance of the By-Laws of your Lodge, the Constitutions of Masonry, and above all the Holy Scriptures, which are given as the rule and guide to your faith, you will be enabled to acquit yourself with honor and reputation, and lay up the crown of rejoicing, which shall continue when time shall be no more”.

For the Wardens: “You are to be examples of good order and regularity; for it is only by due regard to the laws, in your own conduct, that you can expect obedience to them from others”.

For the Brothers: “I therefore trust you will have one aim, to please each other, and unite in the grand design of being happy and communicating happiness. May kindness and brotherly affection distinguish your conduct, as men and as Masons. And may the tenets of our profession be transmitted through your lodge, pure and unimpaired, from generation to generation”.

As we go into the new year and try and follow the principals stated in our charge to the officers and craft, we can know our journey in Masonry will be good and prosperous and life will point us in the right direction for us to continue to enjoy our relationships, the friendships and brotherhood  we can share in this great fraternity of ours.

Don’t forget our January meeting on the 27th and I look forward to seeing you in the future.


Larry Williamson, 32° KCCH
Master of Kadosh